DOCUMENTARY / 30m / 2010

Artist John Will has been making subversive work in Calgary's art scene for nearly six decades. This portrait of the cult figure follows Will as he straddles the line between insider and outsider with an indifference to truth and a healthy dose of the absurd.


John Will
Robin Arsenault
Chris Cran
Mary Shannon Will
M.N. Hutchinson
Dennis Hrubizna
Diana Sherlock


Director: Lucas Hrubizna
Writer: Lucas Hrubizna
Cinematographer: Lucas Hrubizna
Editor: Lucas Hrubizna
Colourist: Lucas Hrubizna


OFFICIAL SELECTION - Canadian Art Reel Artists Film Festival 2011

Director’s Statement

Painter and master printmaker John Will has for decades been a cult figure in Calgary's insular art scene. Having spent my childhood referring to him as “uncle John”, I set out to capture a character whose strangeness. humour and irreverence have always left me in awe. Along the way I found myself, a first-time filmmaker working on a high-school project, at the mercy of a man whose life and art cannot be separated. By the time it was all over, I had made a film featuring a dubiously-truthful narrative subtly crafted by Will himself.