MUSIC VIDEO / 4m6s / 2017

A recluse emerges from his house to tend to long neglected yard work. When the foliage falls victim to his neuroses, he retreats to the only place where he finds true comfort: nestled in his crib as an adult baby.


Ross Munro


Director: Lucas Hrubizna
Producer: Madeleine Davis
Cinematographer: Blake Davey
Editor: Lucas Hrubizna
Production Designer: Patty Facy
Colourist: Lucas Hrubizna

Director’s Statement

Sam Tudor's song "Truthful" poses a universal question: how does one reconcile external expectations and the demands of existence with a truthful representation of the self? This was the basis for my visual translation of the track and the motivation of its central character. In a pained effort to maintain the outward appearance of his yard, the crushing weight of adulthood comes tumbling down. It's only tucked away in a soft, hidden space that he finds reprieve, reverting to infancy in a blissful state free of responsibility.


OFFICIAL SELECTION - Render: The Vancouver International Music Video Festival 2017


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