MUSIC VIDEO / 3m8s / 2018

Enter Sam Tudor’s universe as reality falls apart in his New Apartment. A surreal trip into the ideas we conjure of who or what inhabited our spaces before we arrived. A one-take visual effects dance through the walls and voids of Tudor’s psyche.


Director: Lucas Hrubizna
Producer: Lucas Hrubizna
Cinematographer: Blake Davey
Editor: Lucas Hrubizna
Visual Effects: Lucas Hrubizna
Colourist: Lucas Hrubizna

Director’s Statement

The lyrical jumping-off point for the New Apartment video was this loaded passage from the song: ‘who are we but the floating remnants of a collision at the start of all time?’ I began to think of the objects that are discarded in the process of a person moving and the picture they paint for a new tenant about who or what came before them. Exploding this idea to a larger scale, I sensed a parallel in the hints left to us by the universe that allow us to piece together an understanding of reality. As the camera floats through a freshly-rented space, the remnants of a previous tenant become increasingly clustered and organized, like molecular structures or celestial bodies, revealing a strange reality behind the empty walls of a new apartment.

AWARDs + Selections

OFFICIAL SELECTION - CLIPPED Music Video Festival 2019
WINNER - Best Special Effects in a Music Video / Soundie Music Video Awards 2018
FINALIST - Best International Music Video - Soundie Music Video Awards 2018
OFFICIAL SELECTION - Soundie Music Video Awards 2018
OFFICIAL SELECTION - Render: The Vancouver International Music Video Festival 2018


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