NARRATIVE / 15m50s / 2014

When she discovers her gallbladder is failing, the aging Barb Watt is forced to make a grim decision: pay a motel surgeon to perform a life-saving operation, or die by the end of the week. Living with her socially-stunted adult son in the back of a minivan, Barb schemes to rig a bingo game for the cash that will keep her alive.


Charmaine Wilson
Paul Snider
Linda Watters
William Valenzuela


Director: Lucas Hrubizna
Producer: David Findlay
Cinematographer: Tyler McGrath
Editor: Lucas Hrubizna
Production Designer: Francesca Dill
Music: Jeff Zipp
Sound Design:Lucas Hrubizna
Sound Mix: Matt Drake

AWARDs / Selections

WINNER - Audience Choice / POV Film Festival 2014
NOMINEE - Best Student Short / Leo Awards 2015
OFFICIAL SELECTION - Vancouver International Film Festival 2014
OFFICIAL SELECTION - Montréal World Film Festival 2014
OFFICIAL SELECTION - Festival de cinéma de la ville de Québec 2014