NARRATIVE / 16m11s / 2015

When Troy, a weathered youth pastor and former Christian rocker sends his favourite youth group member Michael off to college, he offers him a warning: the temptations awaiting him are unimaginable. Obsessively concerned that Michael may stray from the righteous path, Troy follows him to school to keep close watch over his devotion to God, and to Troy himself.


Sean Anthony
Alexander Moonie
Noah Cohen
Robert David Duncan
Linda Watters


Director: Lucas Hrubizna
Producers: David Findlay / Patty Facy
Cinematographer: Blake Davey
Editor: Lucas Hrubizna / Blake Davey
Production Designer: Patty Facy
Music: Jeff Zipp
Sound Design: Lucas Hrubizna
Sound Mix: Matt Drake


WINNER - Best Film / POV Film Festival 2015
WINNER - Best Sound Design / POV Film Festival 2015
WINNER - Best Cinematography / POV Film Festival 2015
WINNER - Audience Choice / POV Film Festival 2015
NOMINEE - Best Student Short / Leo Awards 2016
OFFICIAL SELECTION - Vancouver International Film Festival 2015